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4 min readAug 8, 2022
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Organizational culture is usually underestimated because many believe that it won’t make a difference in work productivity. As a driver of positive change, I believe that organizational culture is the glue that holds employees and the company together. Without it, it would be a bland work experience. I recently came across an article on builtin, 4 Benefits of a Strong Organizational Culture by Kate Heinz, which highlights the benefit of organizational culture in the workplace.

“Organizational culture is defined as the values, ideals, attitudes and goals that characterize an organization. Your company’s culture consists of the important intangibles that dictate how your team operates and does business. In a lot of ways, your organizational culture becomes part of your organization’s identity.”

The role that a healthy organizational culture plays is connecting employees and motivating them toward a company’s goal, mission, and vision. It is also to make sure that every employee, regardless of sex, race, religion, etc., are included in every company’s event big and small. That way, the work environment becomes a more harmonious place to work in, and employees are happy to be where they are.

Below are the four benefits of a strong organizational culture.

1. Increases Employee Engagement

“A winning culture encourages employees to form a strong connection with their peers, organization and their role, enhancing their work experience and increasing their engagement.”

When an employee is passionate about what they are doing and delivering, they are bound to perfect it in every way. And what better way than to seek advice from peers and receive feedback? Any way to make their work better is a motivation that inspires employees that they can improve exponentially.

2. Decrease Turnover

“A weak or negative organizational culture will cause employees to look elsewhere for work, but a strong culture will keep them around.”

Stress is a negative emotion that lies within an employee when it comes to work, whether it’s overworking or being under-appreciated, it’s inevitable. But with a healthy organizational culture and being able to spread recognition when recognized, can play a big part in an employee and company. A strong organizational culture will make the employee feel appreciated and included, to the point where they are no longer for a company but for their company.

3. Improve Recruitment Efforts

“A strong corporate culture will entice equally motivated candidates that will add to your company’s culture and improve business.”

Being part of an organization that has a good culture, is something that employees would boast about. It’s not every day you get beer on tap at work and enjoy it with your co-workers! And when word-of-mouth happens, applicants are more likely to apply to a company where they can work and enjoy the benefits as well.

4. Increase Productivity

“Create a winning organizational culture and enticing employee perks will follow. These perks have an effect on your employees’ happiness and thus the engagement and productivity of your staff.”

Organizational culture is not just about making a healthy work environment for employees to work in but also being able to give them something that they can enjoy. It could be lax dress codes, flexible vacation policies, and a work-from-home week. When traditional barriers such as work is work is broken, employees are more likely to enjoy what they are doing as well as enjoy the perks they never had before. When they are happy at where they are working, it is more likely to increase productivity and engagement at work.

“From establishing a brand identity to uniting coworkers and increasing employee engagement, a healthy organizational culture can have a huge positive impact on your organization.” Not all organizational cultures have to be the same but being different is what makes your company stand out. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for organizational cultures. It needs to be well thought out with employees in mind and what is the capacity of the company. It does need to be taken seriously as a bad organizational culture can do more harm than good.

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