5 Predictions DEI Advisors are Making for 2022 - Millie Tan

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I recently read an article published by Seramount, titled 5 Predictions DEI Advisors are Making for 2022, by Casey Russo. This article, as per the title, highlights five key trends to keep a close watch on in the workplace, specifically concerns raised by DEI professionals — as a growth-oriented leader, the ideas this piece puts forth caught my eye. It’s crucial to create a work environment that invests in DEI so that employees feel safe, secure, and proud in their roles. Each of the article’s five predictions set forth emphasizes that employers should take an active role in developing the work environment.

A theme in this article is the hybrid workplace, a new endeavor for many companies around the globe, and how to create a workplace culture that fosters an equitable environment for employees. “Historically, ‘remote workers’ were seen as outliers who refused to relocate for their careers and were often penalized when it came to career trajectory. With flexibility as our new normal, we expect a changing definition of remote work and revised policies.

To ensure equity in the hybrid work environment, companies will have to be proactive and intentional about the way they approach their talent development process. Employers will need to develop strategies to guarantee that virtual workers don’t get left behind or lose visibility.”

The fourth and fifth predictions set forth further emphasize the importance of employers’ agency during times of change. The fourth highlights the strategies companies must develop in facing The Great Resignation. “In the past year, we’ve seen a rise in “stay interviews” when companies are worried that a person is at risk to leave, but leaders will need to be proactive and do more. They’ll need to build a long-term strategy to develop talent for senior positions.

‘What we’re seeing right now is an employee’s market,’ says Bridgette Scales. ‘Employees are in the position of power and looking for corporations that are mission-driven and truly authentic and that serve their community. Employers need to be ready to prove themselves.’”

The fifth prediction emphasizes that, in regards to current events, “we will see companies take a more holistic approach to crisis management with a focus on transparency and making commitments they can keep.” It all comes down to accountability, which continues to be an increasingly key factor in any workplace’s environment.

Melding DEI within the broader company strategy, welcoming growth in ERGs, and creating an authentic and ensuring an equitable workplace are all key actions this article emphasizes. As a takeaway, the way we work is changing and will continue to do so — leaders taking a conscious, proactive approach to DEI is key to engaging employees and building a trustworthy workplace.

You can read the original article here.




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Talking trends is a platform for people with a story to tell.

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