Transportation risks affect just about every industry and that is no different for the Shoring Industry. Driver and Employee shortages are challenging supply chains, product delivery and availability of services. From distributors to manufacturers and last mile delivery consumers like Amazon, the need is expected to remain strong. Finding qualified drivers is one of the biggest challenges we face today.

Issues like distracted driving continue to plague commercial fleets and substance abuse is an increasing issue with legalization of marijuana in a number of states. Transportation supervisors of business vehicle drivers in industries from healthcare to agriculture, construction, and hospitality…

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Self- awareness, the needle in the haystack that is often difficult to find for a lot of people. The lack of the same leads to disconnected experiences, relationships, and thought processes. Without self-awareness, one is not able to fully comprehend how others see them or perceive them, and one is also not able to take responsibility for their actions.

I recently read an article published on Inc.,


Companies that are involved in trenching and excavation may realize true savings through the use of proper trench support. We use the word “proper” because contractors too often will use some form of trench support that is not designed or rated for the work they are doing.

The following are eight reasons why proper trench support methods and equipment will save money. In fact, the year-end savings will exceed the cost of the equipment many times over.

  1. JOB PLANNING IS ABOUT SAFETY AND ECONOMICS — Picking the right equipment for a particular job saves you money. Having the equipment at…

Anthony Glover

“It is better to solve one problem five different ways than to solve five problems one way.” George Polya

Anthony Glover, an inspirational and results-oriented collaborative leader, has a successful track record in managing businesses, sales management, relationship management, corporate development, and operations management. His expertise in revenue-generating positions and working with large groups of people, have made him an expert in problem-solving.

You told us you love solving big business problems. Can you share your approach to solving problems?

“I have recently been thinking about, and starting to document my approach — to analyze how I really think about…

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Today we are in conversation with Dr. John H. Stewart, IV, MD, MBA, an advanced researcher, strategist, and clinician. He is the founding director of the Louisiana State university — Louisiana Children’s Medical Cancer Center. He is a strong believer in equal access to value-based healthcare that prioritize the patient and his/her medical needs above all else. Under his leadership, Dr. Stewart sets the overall mission, vision and direction for multidisciplinary cancer care and cancer clinical research programs for LSU Health New Orleans and LCMC Health.

John, in your 2-decade long experience as a progressive leader in healthcare, you have…

Online learning used to be considered somewhat inferior, but the quality of online courses have come a long way since then. And now a lot of online courses are available proposing a new style of learning. The trick is finding the one that suits you and your educational needs.

To help get started, here are three great expert lead courses to check out. These courses are professional, interesting and entertaining.

Stephanie Bradley Smith

I recently wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review, How a Lack of Sponsorship Keeps Black Women Out of the C-Suite. An expert on the development, positioning, and coaching for success, I’m also an opportunity creator for women of color. In this article, I talk about the important role of sponsorship in ascending the corporate ladder, and a lack thereof for Black women. The first part of the article focuses on my year-long research project regarding the same. Read the latter part below, which discusses the path forward in improving sponsorship for Black women.

The Path Forward

While U.S…

Bitcoin mining can accelerate the development of solar power. Current impediments to solar, such as the difficulty in obtaining Power Purchase Agreements or PPAs, can be addressed through bitcoin mining acting as the source of revenues to cover capital costs. A bitcoin mining facility and solar power plant can be co-located in remote areas, reducing the need for lengthy transmission lines. As certain solar power plants could be completely “inside the fence” there may be fewer requirements when dealing with the local utility.

Developing and financing a utility scale solar project is very challenging. Since solar is so capital intensive…

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I am pleased to share that I have been elected to Party City’s Board of Directors as an independent director and member of the Audit Committee.

The Chairman of the Party City Board, Norman Matthews, commented on my new role:

“We are pleased to add another highly accomplished executive to our Board. Sarah brings to Party City extensive expertise in the regulatory, legal and consumer merchant spaces as well as significant experience activating cultural engagement and promoting diversity and inclusion across global organizations. We are excited about the many contributions we anticipate Sarah will make to the Party City Board.”

Photo by Eelco Böhtlingk on Unsplash
Photo by Eelco Böhtlingk on Unsplash

Last month, Swedish steel company SSAB made a breakthrough delivery of rolled steel plate to the Volvo Group: the first commercial delivery of steel without the use of ‘met’ or ‘coking’ coal, which is coal “coked” in ovens at temperatures of 1100 degrees Celsius to remove water and other chemicals. In 2016, SSAB established HYBRIT — Hydrogen Breakthrough Ironmaking Technology — with the aim of developing a technology for fossil-free iron- and steelmaking, in collaboration with LKAB and Vattenfall, among Europe’s largest iron-ore producers and electricity generators, respectively. In June 2021, the three companies were able to demonstrate the world’s…

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