Lisa Quackenbush — Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich Youth of the Year
Lisa Quackenbush — Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich Youth of the Year
Lisa Quackenbush - Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich Youth of the Year

Lisa Quackenbush is an active champion of people of all ages and dedicated to helping them realize their full potential. One way Lisa gives back to her community is through fostering the development of youth as a Trustee and Executive Board member of the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, Connecticut.

The Boys and Girls Club is an organization on a mission to ensure that all kids are set up for a successful future. The Club provides a safe place and offers innovative, high-quality programs designed to empower youth to excel in school and lead healthy, productive lives.

Lisa served…

Image from Unsplash by Fernando Carol Ferdock

Equipped with diverse cultural experience, Troy Taylor is a believer in tailoring corporate governance to fit global and local needs. A results-oriented driving force, Troy has had first-hand experience with how governance in an organization can drive success. Troy shares his insights and experiences in the following interview.

Troy, when we talk about governance, which is a crucial topic on almost any board, how do you see the play between global and local governance? I’m referring especially to multinational companies, some on which you served as an executive.

“Governance is the prime directive of all boards, to deal with the…

Tyronne Stoudemire — Global DEI Thought Leader — Hyatt Hotels
Tyronne Stoudemire — Global DEI Thought Leader — Hyatt Hotels
Tyronne Stoudemire - Global DEI Thought Leader - Hyatt Hotels

Tyronne Stoudemire, member of the Executive Leadership Council and Global Vice President at Hyatt Hotels, takes pride in his commitment and efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in all facets of life. His passion stems from experiencing the pain of being on ‘the other side.’ The other side, meaning, the side of the oppressed, the side of those who have not always been seen as equal.

Many people struggle with the concept of systematic racism. It is difficult to conceptualize for those who have not been affected by it. Tyronne Stoudemire was featured in the ‘What About Me’ documentary discussing…

“While female representation in the C-suite is on the rise, only one in five executives in the C-suite is a woman today, and women remain underrepresented at all levels.” HBR

According to Harvard Business Review’s article, ‘How to Recruit More Women to Your Company,’ corporate America is now more focused than ever on having diversity at all levels of their organization. Most companies report that they are striving for gender diversity in their companies, however, lack the strategies to attain diversity at their most senior levels and on their corporate boards.

Once in the pipeline, women are more likely to…

Dixie Kachiros, a forward-thinking brand communications strategist, emphasizes the growing need for visual marketing. Consumers are no longer intrigued by words but rather by pictures and videos. This shift has been driven by the innovation and high use of technology and social media among consumers. Brands need to adapt to this new age of marketing.

Dixie shares her thoughts below:

The way we see and understand the world is becoming far more visual. We’re starting to think with images: looking around the physical world for ideal Instagram images, articulating emotions by calling upon icons and animations. Mobile devices are helping…

“I believe it is my clear responsibility in the organization I lead, to foster diversity, equity and inclusion. That means representation, so we unapologetically think about the number of Black people we have in the organization, the number of Hispanics, the number of women we are attracting and so on.

We need to think about equity in the talent life cycle. How are we doing with promotions, bonuses and compensation? Are we doing the right things? Are we measuring it the right way? Again, unapologetically.”

“We have to create an inclusive environment where every single person feels their aspirations…

The tragedy is that, not all that long ago, in the golden age of advertising — and arguably that of American corporations as well — the advertising business was full of Big Thinkers and Big, insightful, pre-emptive, meaningful, memorable, compelling Ideas. Let’s say, from the early ’60s through the late ’80s. American business was at its creative best and, probably not uncoincidentally, so was the advertising business. And when the advertising business was good, it was very good. Some of the following may pre-date your birth. But I really don’t think it matters, their brilliance transcends time.

The concept of rebranding for a company involves uncertainty, but it also gives insight into a sea of opportunity and what could be. In today’s reputation economy, firms with strong positive reputations get the best, and do the best. They are perceived as providing value, attracting loyal customers, and being able to successfully provide a wide range of products and services. More organizations are becoming conscious about their reputation and the risks involved with rebranding.

William Oliver, enterprise risk manager and an ambassador for positive change, discusses his view on rebranding and reputational risk.

Will, the reputational risk every company…

Image from Unsplash by Adeolu Eletu

As a professional working in a bank, I realize that customers do not love financial institutions. Instead, they rely on them to keep their money safe, lend them funds if needed, and move money around for them to meet obligations. This is pretty much becoming a utility. What feelings do consumers have about the company that provides them electricity or internet access? The most important thing is for them to work and unreliability is not tolerated.

The pace of technological development we are experiencing has changed business models significantly in recent years. As Angela Strange, General Partner at Andreesson Horowitz…

Photo by John O’Nolan on Unsplash

Caveat Emptor: one of the biggest talking points in ESG investment today, and I can assure you it’s one which needs to be answered quickly. In a world that is clamouring for more securities into which ESG-conscious investors and ESG-mandated funds can place their money, how do you ensure that the issuers of this paper — so-called ‘green’ bonds — are living up to the promises they made about the usage of these funds?

It’s not just a question of whether or not capital is put to the use for which it was originally raised. The concern is also about…

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