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2 min readMar 15, 2021
Allison Young — Independent Board Director
Allison Young - Independent Board Director

Allison Young, a results-oriented executive, is one who translates mission and vision into a workable strategy with measurable, and attainable goals. Allison is former President and CEO at Louisiana Community Health Plan at United Healthcare.

Having served in healthcare, hospitality, financial services, real estate, HR, and operational systems across 30 businesses, Allison knows what it takes to be a good, effective leader. She has presented on numerous topics including innovation, leadership when in transition, outsourcing, and career management.

Allison is a creative problem solver and dynamic leader, which is why she has shared her views on how incorporating the perspectives of others is crucial to leadership.

Allison, incorporating the perspective of those around you is essential. As an inclusive leader, how do you recommend doing this?

“The ability to incorporate the perspectives of others is a critical leadership skill. There are three things which will enhance your ability to broaden your perspective.

“First and foremost, becoming self-aware. Understand your biases and limitations so that divergent ideas that conflict with your point of view are not eliminated without further examination. Secondly, empower others to lead. Sure, you could do it better, but empowering those around you will give them the confidence to bring an alternative approach and point of view. Your team must know that you stand behind them — no matter the outcome. As executives, we are highly skilled at recovering from mistakes — since we’ve made a few ourselves. Asking “What do you need from me?” is a way to communicate that you are supportive of their approach but are still willing to allow them to take the lead. Lastly, be fully engaged. When your team knows that you are fully engaged, they will do their best. It is important to provide guidance when needed, without always assuming control.

“Communicating that you understand is an important tool when encouraging others to share their perspective. This approach not only demonstrates that you respect them and their ability but also enhances trust and deepens the relationship. When your team and colleagues know that you honor and value their perspective — it enhances your informal power and leads to better decision and better decisions yield better results.”



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