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3 min readFeb 21, 2024

In the landscape of contemporary business, the need for organizations to enhance operational efficiency to drive overall value is imperative. Pioneering shared services remains a strategic cornerstone in achieving this objective. Shared services offer a paradigm shift in how companies structure and execute their internal functions. The seamless integration of shared services not only streamlines processes but inspires collaboration, cost-effectiveness, and agility within the workplace. As businesses evolve, a commitment to transformation is paramount to ensure that innovation and efficiency become an integral part of a company’s culture.

With over 30 years of diverse experience, I am committed to driving positive change and creating value for businesses through a unique blend of skills, scale, and technology. In this context, I recognize the pivotal role of pioneering shared services as a foundational pillar to enhance operational efficiency and foster collaboration, both of which seamlessly align with my goal to build a better tomorrow. I recently spoke at the ServiceNow Knowledge conference where, in the following video, I discuss the critical intersection of pioneering shared services and experience-led transformation, emphasizing the need to overcome core limiting beliefs and striking a balance between the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of organizational growth and sustained success in a contemporary corporate landscape.

We need to really change and focus much more on the associates. This is why you have two ears and one mouth, you got to listen, it’s amazing what you find out when looking at it from those lenses. It’s not about ‘let’s try to drive the efficiency’ it’s ‘let’s try to drive the experience’ and then the rest will follow. We have to create a frictionless environment so that the associate can achieve ‘driving value’. If they’re getting stuck it’s not driving value, it’s causing frustration. People say think outside the box. I don’t even like the Box, just break the box, and say what can I now do differently.

“After listening and getting all the data, we said our NorthStar has to create a world for our Associates that is going to be easier for them. Essentially, we’re saying easier is better. We’re looking at the shared service being a one MGS shared service, we’re looking at the consumer or the associate journey. Within MGS how do I increase the capability of my team to be much more experienced first followed by end to end? That’ll mean increasing their capability while also focusing to look at if ‘easier is better.’ Value is created or destroyed when you do the handoffs to some other person. We believe that by increasing the capability of what we need to do here with enabling what we want the associate to be able to do, we believe that we can then drive value. What are you doing with your team? It was a really great question so again we sat and said, we’re providing what I call economic value. However, are we providing analytics and insights that’s going to drive better quality decisions for the growth? We don’t want to grow at all costs, we want to ensure that the growth focuses on the concept of ‘how is equally as important as the why’.”

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A values-driven and human-centric leader, Angela Mangiapane brings to business and board service a creative transformation perspective — at the intersection of financial progress, social good, and human capital investment. She has served in a variety of leadership roles throughout her career and is currently channeling her expertise into board service. Angela is chair of Economics of Mutuality, a public interest foundation devoted to transforming the economic system through creating a mutuality of benefits among all stakeholders. She also serves as co-chair of the Conference Board, a global nonprofit “think tank,” as well as on the advisory board of SSON, a professional networking group for high-level professionals.



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