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Susan Gale - Passionate deal-maker for hospitality assets

I recently came across this article called: “The Intersection of Architecture and Art: Finding Beauty in Buildings”

The article mentions that great architecture create spaces that are not only operational but also visually appealing. Art is something that allows people to tell a story or attach emotionally; to interpret its meaning.

Architecture has always shared a blurred line with art, it needs to inspire and make an emotional impact.

There are two ways to create opportunities for art and architecture to coexist in a project. The first is additive art, meaning that the artwork comes in after the project is done. Blank walls for hanging canvases, vaulted spaces for sculptures or a statement lighting fixture, or even exterior walls that might be great for a mural are just a few examples.

The second approach is an integrated one. This absolutely needs to be done during the early stages, as the art is part of the architecture itself.

Looking towards the future, the impact that technology and art will have on the architecture profession holds untold potential. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) open the door to creating an art experience in places that might otherwise not be able to house art.

Read here the whole article by George Vangelatos — Director of Healthcare Design

My driving force is my passion for real estate, and the thrill of applying my expertise and negotiation skills to put together a deal where all parties are happy. It’s a rewarding feeling to know our clients trust us when making a significant investment or when selling a premium asset.

Exceeding my clients’ expectations and earning their trust. That is what keeps me motivated.

From Wall Street to Miami Beach, my vast residential and commercial real estate expertise is the foundation of the Susan Gale Group. With my $1 billion sales track record, I’m considered by the industry one of the top real estate leaders.

My focus is on expanding and maintaining my network of property owners on the one hand, and my investment clients on the other.
My motto is: It’s not about who you know… It’s about who knows you.

Susan Gale

Passionate deal-maker for hospitality assets

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