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2 min readMay 11, 2021
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Life is easier when we adjust our perspective. When the pandemic first started, our two grown sons and their girlfriends came to live with us in our new empty-nester house. The house felt very crowded and things like the messy mudroom and kitchen, the constantly full and running dishwasher, and the never-ending meal planning became tiresome and annoying.

Then everyone left and the house was quiet and clean again. Two returned to college and the other two drove cross-country for a road trip while they worked remotely. Life felt almost normal again — but I noticed that the house was too quiet. There was no one to play games with; I started to crave our nightly round of cards. The one upside was my return to a more disciplined eating approach and the loss of the weight I gained since the pandemic began.

As Thanksgiving approached, I had to control my excitement at having the family back together. I couldn’t wait for the laughs, the energy, the cooking camaraderie, the family dinners, the paddle tennis and card partners.

I made a commitment to myself to approach this second phase of Covid family togetherness with a newly positive attitude. I decided to just close the door to the messy mudroom. I would let the young adults know that they would sometimes be on the hook for making dinner. I created spaces for everyone to put their belongings in lieu of leaving them all over the house — and I let everyone know how they could do their part to contribute to our ‘communal’ living.

I have awoken each day since Thanksgiving with excitement for what the day with a full house would bring. I have realized that I no longer feel like our house is crowded — it’s full. Full of energy, joy, laughter, interesting conversation, work out buddies, and people to share stories and life experiences with.

I will really miss everyone when they resume their ‘normal’ lives mid-January. The house will feel so quiet again, but not in the way that I used to cherish. Covid has brought some blessings that we never could have anticipated — It’s helped me change my perspective on what’s important in life.



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