Discussing Race, Diversity, and Inclusion in Corporate Leadership - Larry Quinlan

“I believe it is my clear responsibility in the organization I lead, to foster diversity, equity and inclusion. That means representation, so we unapologetically think about the number of Black people we have in the organization, the number of Hispanics, the number of women we are attracting and so on.

We need to think about equity in the talent life cycle. How are we doing with promotions, bonuses and compensation? Are we doing the right things? Are we measuring it the right way? Again, unapologetically.”

“We have to create an inclusive environment where every single person feels their aspirations can be met. Where everybody feels that they’ve got a place. They feel their leaders are looking out for them, somebody’s got their back, they can trust us and trust the people they work with. That’s a significant discussion item for organizations. The tone is set at the top when deciding that diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to us.

“All of this to ensure that inspired people are enabled to go above and beyond when no one is looking, that leaders in the room will be intellectually curious, we will be able to deliver amazing technology, and protect the brand. All of these things will not come from leaders who are at the top, making pronouncements. Instead, they will come from really enabling people who feel inspired to go above and beyond because of the inclusive environment and the aspirations that are being fulfilled. This is the mission I believe in and this is what’s on my mind as CIO.”

  • Larry Quinlan

Larry Quinlan has 35+ years of experience creating value through inspired, strategic leadership. He is a digital and technology transformation expert with deep experience in complex enterprise systems integrations, cybersecurity, organizational design, and global shared services models. He is sought-after for his understanding of strategic impacts of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud, mobility, blockchain, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging technologies.

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Talking Trends

Talking Trends

Talking trends is a platform for people with a story to tell.

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