Dots for Life: Bringing People Together Through the Gommino - Igor Poza

Tod’s Asia Pacific Regional Director Igor Poza and Jennifer Tse

TOD’S Group, the well-known luxury apparel brand, conducted a project called ‘Dots for Life’ to showcase their Gommino shoe. The Gommino shoe has an iconic rubber sole constructed of 133 Dots. It represents high-end, innovative artistry and beauty. The project used digital platforms to highlight the shoe, as various influencers posted pictures wearing the shoes in their own fashion and hash-tagged #dotsoflife or #todsgommino.

To celebrate the project, TOD’S Group hosted a Dots for Life event.

Of the attendees was Igor Poza, (at the time) Tod’s Asia Pacific Regional Director. Igor is well versed in expanding luxury brands through his vast experiences as an international leader at companies such as Lancôme and L’Oréal Paris. His multicultural approach to brand growth and communications surely assisted in the Dots for Life event, as this event brought people together through their love of the Gommino shoe.

MenStylePower’s Blog best described the communal aspect of the project.

“With the popularity of the Gommino images shared, this group has become a community- a ‘digital club.’ This is a platform where everybody can find portraits about personal lifestyles while wearing their favorite shoes.”

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