Expanding Legacies - Igor Poza

Roger Vivier, the ‘fabergé of footwear,’ was a trailblazer in the luxury shoe industry.

“In 1937 he opened his first boutique on rue Royale in Paris. Heels were his field of excellence — he was the father to the Aiguille stiletto, launched in 1954, and the sinuous Virgule heel, considered the manifesto of his namesake label since 1963. He was a skillful artisan with a genuine passion for feminine elegance and a flair for elevating shoes to proper works of art, working hand in hand with celebrated French embroidery houses.”

Although Roger Vivier has passed, his legacy has not.

“A legacy that will shape the future of footwear forever. His heel inventions and his works of art will inspire generation after generation of shoe designers.”

His memory and legacy have been kept alive through the expansion of his brand and boutiques worldwide.

One of the people who aided in the brand’s international expansion was Igor Poza. In 2013, Igor was serving as the brand’s Asian-Pacific Region General Manager. He focused on expanding Roger Vivier’s retail network throughout Asia and helped lead the initiative that brought the brand into Singapore. As the brand’s first boutique in Singapore, the launch was a huge win for Singaporeans who before had to travel to other countries in Asia and Europe to buy the luxury brand’s shoes and bags. For the first time ever, Singaporeans could walk into a Roger Vivier boutique and shop the brand with the full customer service experience in their own country.

At the time, Roger Vivier was one of the most desired shoe brands in the entire country. The brand’s boutique reflected its highly sought out character as it was strategically placed in an upscale luxury environment, the Takashimaya shopping center.

Igor developed dynamic plans to secure clientele in the new location, and further spread word of the brand. He used marketing tactics such as hosting special events and exclusive products that were available only for that specific store and its customers in Singapore. Of the events, was the opening of the store, which was a VIP event featuring several stars such as Carina Lau, a famous actress in Hong Kong.

Besides Singapore opening, Igor’s efforts continued in expanding the brand in Hong Kong and South East Asia with first store openings in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.




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Talking Trends

Talking Trends

Talking trends is a platform for people with a story to tell.

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