F(orget) U 2020 with Julie Roehm

If you can guess from the title, we would all like to forget 2020, but that doesn’t mean Julie Roehm didn’t use it to her advantage. She is the Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Party City and she talked about how the party must go on despite last year’s challenges and the opportunities they might never have taken advantage of if it wasn’t for the pandemic. Hear how Party City “made joy easy”, how the retailer uses non-traditional channels to get its message out, and what marketing might look like in a post-pandemic world.

Julie was featured in a podcast by the C-Suite Network with Jeffrey Hayzlett titled F(orget) U 2020.

Julie Roehm has made some vast changes at the organization in just a few months. Her marketing techniques are unique and she has played an important role in guiding the company through the pandemic.

Throughout her career, Julie has held challenging leadership positions and has successfully transformed the way organizations think about, and engage with their customers. Julie has a track record for innovation, collaboration and driving great results.

You can listen to the podcast here.




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Talking Trends

Talking Trends

Talking trends is a platform for people with a story to tell.

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