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We push the idea of #5050x2028. But we admit that we love seeing 100x2021.

And it’s happening now.

A safe bet

The next mayor of North Adams, Massachusetts, is going to be female. We know this because the four candidates running for that office are all women.

An all-female race, with a female mayor soon to be elected, is a first in the town’s history.

Research shows such all-female candidate races — beyond that of just two candidates — are extremely rare. While 100x2021 exceeds our focused target for a balance of ideas, perspectives, and diversity of representation in politics, it does point to one of the core arguments we advance.

Ideas, priorities, solutions, service — beyond gender or race or heritage — should kindle the passion to run. How to solve problems and improve things for all, whether local, state, national, or beyond, is the foundation for all the rest.

Inspiration for the race

What motivated the four women running for mayor in North Adams, population 13,354, according to local news reports? Aprilyn Carsno (this name is spelled correctly) was inspired to run after broken fire hydrants hindered the response to several fires earlier this year. Jennifer Macksey and Lynnette Bond are advocating for replacing the city’s aging public safety building. Rachel Branch wants to deal with the climate crisis.

Look at your community. What most concerns you, and who is talking about it? If you are not hearing about your priorities from the usual candidates, go out and listen harder. You may find your candidate and then have to encourage her to run. To look for the right candidate, start listening for the right candidate.

As of June 2020, among mayors of the 100-largest U.S. cities, only 27 percent were women — and only 10 percent were women of color. Why wait for that to change?


“We need to lead by example, and women leaders do that.”

- Jennifer Macksey, candidate for mayor of North Adams, MA


Four steps closer

Every positive step brings us closer to #5050x2028. The North Adams candidates have taken a leap — and they look forward to the opportunity to make history.

We need more like them. We often talk about putting the whole team on the field. You need a talented bench to make that succeed in state and national elected offices. Local races fill the bench, creating that talent.

“I think it’s really important for our children,” Bond told Spectrum News 1. “I think of my daughter, who will see a woman mayor for the first time. It’s great. We want to see people represented in our government.”

“Women bring a lot to the table,” Macksey told the outlet, “not only in their leadership style of care and compassion, but their dedication and their commitment. . .We need to lead by example, and women leaders do that.”

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Talking trends is a platform for people with a story to tell.

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