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3 min readFeb 14, 2022

The National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE) is a non-profit association of Black health care executives founded in 1968 for the purpose of promoting the advancement and development of Black health care leaders, and elevating the quality of health care services rendered to minority and underserved communities.

Richelle Webb Dixon — healthcare equalizer, passionate advocate, and strategic planner — served as President of NAHSE for two years. During this period, her focus was on innovation, advocacy, and organizational sustainability. Her leadership abilities stem from her passion, and past experiences, which have allowed her to be the change she wants to see. Below is what Richelle had to say about governance at NAHSE.

“I was very honored to serve as president of NAHSE (we can write the whole name on-screen — National Association of Health Service Executives) from 2017–2019. During this time, we celebrated the organization’s 50th anniversary. A part of this celebration was understanding that our current structure was not going to get us through the next 50 years. Change was needed.

“I proposed a bylaw in 2019 which separated governance from operations. The president position will be dissolved and we will now have a paid executive director who will handle operations. Why was this separation important?

“Organizations need to have a clear line of accountability for strategic planning and focus. People need to be held accountable to fulfill the mission of the organization. The fiduciary responsibility — that’s for the board. Decision-making and strategic planning should not get clouded or overlapped. That’s why the separation between governance and operations is needed.

“This change — it was not the first time it was proposed in the organization. I am proud to say, that it was the first time it was successfully approved and implemented.

“I now serve as the immediate past president and nominating committee chair. My role is to help select a board that will be responsive to the member’s needs going forward. I want to set a strong foundation for the organization for years to come.”


About Richelle Webb Dixon: Committed to diversity and equality in healthcare and the workplace, Richelle Webb Dixon is a healthcare equality champion and compassionate leader. As a proven executive in the healthcare industry, Richelle has worked in a variety of settings- hospital operations, ambulatory care, community advocate, and medical education. All of her professional experiences, coupled with her will to bring about a positive change, allow Richelle to create a lasting impact in organizations she works with. She continues to work towards bringing healthcare diversity and equality for all, on the operational side and via serving on boards.



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