How Companies are Using Real-world Data in the Real World - Lorraine Marchand

Lorraine Marchand

Most see the promise and potential for healthcare data analytics to help address issues around quality, cost, and access. But given the exponential growth of healthcare data — which is expected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36% through 20251 — organizations can quickly become overwhelmed on how to deliver real-world success with real-world data.

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Lorraine is a life sciences consultant, speaker, writer, and professor. She’s managed R&D and Commercial for private and publicly held life sciences companies and founded two start-ups.

An expert at showing entrepreneurs how to communicate the value of their innovations to investors, Lorraine has helped numerous entrepreneurs successfully market their technologies. She developed a proven method for successful innovation and has become specialized in contingency planning and the “art of the pivot”.

“You never fail, you always learn”, is one of her mantras.



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