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3 min readDec 15, 2022
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Business is fraught with difficult decisions, and companies struggle to “do the right thing” when faced with ongoing uncertainties. The speed and scope of the global pandemic added to a complicated decision-making process, magnifying challenges for leaders who were already stretched thin.

What does doing the right thing mean in today’s fast-paced, complex environment? We posed the question to Anthony Ventress, who as a business leader in the medical device industry is called upon daily to fix problems and guide companies to growth in the midst of challenging times.

Anthony, you’ve said your North Star in business, as in life, is always to do the right thing. How do you know what’s right? Some situations may be murkier than others.

Depending on where we all sit, we have varied interpretations of ‘right thing.’ For me, it’s an instinctive respect for others. It’s an appreciation of differing perspectives. It’s consensus on how we move forward together.

If you look at where we are in our country today, for example, the problem isn’t a Democratic view versus a Republican view. The problem is we haven’t developed an ‘us’ view. We’re not seeing the timeless truth that we’re all in this together. We need to step out of our comfort zones, take in each other’s viewpoints, and get to the point where we can sincerely say, ‘I understand you. You understand me. Let’s find our common ground.’

In corporate America, that need is amplified every day — to understand where we’re going together and what changes we need to make to satisfy our customers and increase returns for our investors. This means leading with vision and following up with action steps. For example, ‘We want to be a billion-dollar business. Here’s what we need to do to get there, step by step.’

Can you offer us an example of how this perspective has informed your daily decision-making?

I recently had a 30-minute call with some teammates in the UK to talk through a new process we’re initiating. My team was not comfortable with the change. I didn’t force it on them. Instead, I listened first to understand their needs and perspectives. Each one was given the chance to state why they didn’t like the change. Then, I offered feedback on each comment. Then the question was asked of me, ‘What’s the next step?’

‘Our next step,’ I said, ‘is that for each of those issues you highlighted, we need to come up with a mitigation strategy. We need to work through the roadblocks, one by one. We need to train our employees to operate in a new model. But we have to get to that new model by the end of the month.’ Everyone on the call agreed. Through our open give-and-take, the foundation for success was quickly yet thoughtfully laid.

It’s important for leaders to first build trusting relationships that create synergies and pave the way for collaboration. That will lead to honest communication, decisive movement toward a shared goal, and ultimately, the likelihood that — together — we will do the right thing.

We appreciate your keen insights, Anthony.

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Anthony Ventress is a senior technical and services executive in the medical device industry. An inclusive leader with a global cultural perspective, he is devoted to building authentic, long-term relationships. He leads with a never-failing positive attitude that helps companies turn problems into solutions, drive growth and revenue, and keep teams motivated and aligned.



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