Innovators in Focus: “Nomad Dan” Navarro - Lorraine Marchand

He’s a songwriter, a recording artist a singer — and an innovator.

He’s “Nomad Dan” Navarro, the seventh of our Innovator in Focus profiles — video interviews with the inspiring men and women we profile as exemplars of ingenuity in The Innovation Mindset. We’ve shared these on my LinkedIn page and elsewhere over the past few weeks leading up to the publication of the book.

Dan is a wonderful addition. He offers some great insights not only about longevity in one’s career (Dan has been performing professionally for over 50 years) but about pivoting — as he did so adroitly and creatively during the depths of the pandemic, with the help of a 2020 Ram Pro Master van (that’s where the Nomad part comes in).

Dan’s Innovator in Focus video is a grand finale (for now), because not only does he talk about his pandemic pivots — which have given his already-secure legacy a significant boost — but also as, per our request, he performs for us live on this video a song of, yes, innovation. And change, and growth and about always moving forward.

It’s called “Horizon Line” — and it’s a great song! One of the most popular, in fact, among Dan’s many fans.

So how many LinkedIn posts that you know of feature a music video? This one does — because…well, because it’s innovative! But also, “Horizon Line,” Dan’s performance of it, and my conversation with Dan, yield some great insights from this talented performer; insights that can help you as you look to expand your own horizons.



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