Innovators in Focus: Sylvana Sinha, Founder, and CEO of Praava Health - Lorraine Marchand

Our Innovator in Focus today is Sylvana Sinha, the founder of Praava Health in Bangladesh — and an exemplar of our Law of Innovation #5:

Because conditions are constantly changing, follow the three P rule: Be ready to Pivot at any Point in the Process!

That word — pivot — has been used a lot, particularly in the last two years, as businesses have had to adjust to the realities of a pandemic. Praava was already disrupting the standard of healthcare for her native Bangladesh when COVID hit. In my interview with her, Sylvana talks about how she and her team managed to pivot, within just a few months of the onset of the pandemic and were able to launch a series of new products, including a COVID-symptom tracker, a telehealth platform, an e-pharmacy and more.

“Our pivot ultimately led to unprecedented growth in services,” says Sylvana, whose fast-growing company now serves about 150,000 people. “We had to learn how to do these things quickly, and we did.”

Sylvana’s insights on how she pivoted during the depths of the pandemic in 2020, and how you can navigate the choppy waters of 2022, are relevant, useful and motivating to any entrepreneur. I hope you enjoy our latest “Innovator in Focus” — a series of interviews with some of the successful founders and entrepreneurs profiled in my book The Innovation Mindset.



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