Investing in the UK — Lisa Pollina in conversation with Dan Glaser

I was recently moderator of an interesting conversation with Dan Glaser. Dan is the CEO and President at Marsh & McLennan Companies. We talked about investing internationally, specifically in the United Kingdom after ‘Brexit’.

An article in The Wall Street Journal titled ‘Brexit is a buy for the brave’ caught my attention and I asked Dan Glaser what his thoughts about the UK market were, considering that the UK is the second largest market outside the US for his company. Having lived in the UK twice, Glaser felt that it was one of the best places in the world to do business because of its rule of law, clear sense of regulations, and the resilience of people who are also resourceful in nature. He believes that these factors serve as an encouragement for anyone to invest in the UK despite it having some short-term uncertainty which would not be a huge risk as his company has been in business for the last 150 years and plays for the short-term, medium-term, and the long-term and would not hesitate to invest in the UK.

Despite Brexit being a risk for stock investors due to its uncertain nature, I agree with Dan’s views about how business is in the UK and it can prove beneficial if the investor is bold enough to take risks and focus on the opportunities that it could provide for business growth.

You can read the original article from the Wall Street Journal here.


Lisa Pollina is a business executive who has negotiated over $50 billion in corporate development deals throughout her career. Named one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Finance by American Banker magazine, she has been a seven-year appointee to the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States Working Group on Global Markets, providing perspectives on macro trends worldwide. Ms. Pollina is an MBA graduate from the Yale School of Management and has taught strategy at Yale University and corporate finance at the University of Chicago.



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