Networking: Professional Women and Imposter Syndrome — Chantalle Couba and Anne Arnold

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3 min readApr 28, 2021

Do you ever doubt yourself?
Does a voice in your head tell you,

“Don’t bother applying — you don’t have the right experience. Someone will challenge my impact,”

and so on….

On April 29 on Clubhouse we talked with women+ on recognizing the limiting beliefs buried in this self-sabotaging behavior and share how to shift to thriving. Conversation focus is for women+ with men+ welcome.

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Anne A. Anne A. Ruchika Tulshyan Jodi-Ann Burey G. Nagesh R. Fanci A. Worthington, CFP®, AIF® Heather Resnick Toni Irving Mary Kay Vona, Ed.D., SPHR Megan Hodge Zakiya Thomas



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