Setting Goals is Crucial - Larry Quinlan

I recently stepped down as the Global Chief Information Officer for Deloitte — at Deloitte’s 50 billion dollar, 100 country operation. I asked myself often, how does a skinny Black kid from an island of 35,000 people become the Global Chief Information Officer of the world’s largest professional services firm? People helped me, but one of the things I would say is it’s a great time to be in technology, and for the next generation it is absolutely possible, and I’ve learned so much about life from technology.

I’ve given a great deal of thought over the past two or three years to what transitioning would look like for me and I’ve set a few goals. One is I want to stay relevant in technology for some period of time. Second, I want to contribute what I’ve learned to others. Third, I’d like to ensure that I can help the next generation and that’s really important for me.

So if I put those three goals in, there is a set of activities that becomes natural. The first is serving on boards, both public and private boards. I can put what I’ve learned to work in governance and I can learn about governance. Then, working with venture capital and private equity firms really allows me to stay relevant. I see where the puck is going. I understand what’s being funded and I get to talk to people about amazing new technologies that are being developed. But I’ve also got a passion for helping people, for the nonprofit work that I do, and there’s this intersection of underprivileged and minority status combined with education and technology. If I can bring all of those things together then I want to lean in. Those are the causes that I’m really passionate about.

Larry Quinlan
Board Director, Former Global Chief Information Officer



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