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3 min readApr 15, 2021
Lisa Quackenbush — Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich Youth of the Year
Lisa Quackenbush - Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich Youth of the Year

Lisa Quackenbush is an active champion of people of all ages and dedicated to helping them realize their full potential. One way Lisa gives back to her community is through fostering the development of youth as a Trustee and Executive Board member of the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, Connecticut.

The Boys and Girls Club is an organization with a mission to ensure that all kids are set up for a successful future. The Club provides a safe place and offers innovative, high-quality programs designed to empower youth to excel in school and lead healthy, productive lives.

Lisa served as the Co-Chair for the Youth of the Year event, a celebration of Boys and Girl Club members who have gone above and beyond, despite adverse circumstances.

“I’m honored to be a co-chair of this very special Youth of the Year event. The Club has been a very large part of my life and my family’s life for many years in Greenwich. I’ve been fortunate enough to sit on the board for the last 13 years. Each of my four kids have learned to swim, skate, and play hockey here and have attended numerous birthday parties and events. They were able to participate in their all-time favorite camp, Camp Simmons and they’ve all volunteered here. So, being a part of this organization has been a very large and important part of our life, has brought us great joy and to be able to give back in a little way is our pleasure.

“Since I’ve been around for a long time, I’ve been privileged to watch club kids grow from little kindergarteners into lovely young adults. They go off to college and then return to pay it back to the club and the community. I know from watching all of this that the Club is where these kids find their greatness.”

Youth of the Year winner, Damarys Aceituno, was able to lean on the organization through trying times in her life. When her father was taken by ICE, the Club allowed her to stay inspired despite her circumstances and take control of her life and future.

Lisa introduced finalist Damarys:

“I’m just going to tell you a little about the finalist from our experience. Damarys has been a Club kid for the past 10 years as the past president of the Torch Club and a current president of the Keystone Club. Damarys has natural leadership abilities that propel her in making connections with her peers and the staff alike. As a part-time staff member, she loves working with the kids and also tutoring the younger kids.

“We asked for one word to describe the Club and Damarys said, ‘supportive.’ She added that the staff and other members make her feel great. She’s taken on many leadership positions throughout her middle and high school journey. Now, she is an honors student with stellar grades in her junior year. Damarys looks forward to the college admission process where she’s interested in studying environmental science and marine biology. Thank you Damarys.”

Lisa integrates the same principles in her business, Sage Search Advisors, as she has with the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich. She works to empower those who may not otherwise have certain opportunities, but have great potential. She is able to leverage her experience from both the Club and her business to champion diverse candidates in their journey to greatness.

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