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3 min readNov 15, 2022
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Being a President or CEO can be a stressful job. It tests your patience, your ability to cope and your capacity to produce sustainable solutions. Although fast-paced and exciting, it is usually entrenched in complex situations. Irrespective of what country, role or industry one is in, there is no denying that one has to learn how to manage a crisis.

We are in conversation with Ravila Gupta. Ravila has worked across several industries — but one thing has remained constant — being faced with challenges and having to effectively solve them. Ravila shares her approach to complex situations and how she maintains a sense of calmness when facing them.

Ravila, your focus on strategy helps you simplify complex situations. Apart from that, your nature is to stay calm in times of crisis, which is of huge added value being a leader, as well as a board director; you need to be able to provide oversight in any situation, no matter how complex or chaotic. This is an important skill to have in any kind of situation. Your work in different roles, different industries, as well as having the responsibility as a CEO and President, has put you in many ‘new’ situations. You learn quickly, adapt fast. Can you talk to us about some experiences you’ve had and what your insights have been?

“Throughout my career, I have worked at several companies, in high profile jobs, which of course have exposed me to so many situations which could be labeled as crises. The outcome of every one of these has been extremely impactful, hence giving me an immense sense of responsibility, along with the ability to manage stressful situations.

“I am known to surround myself with this aura of calmness and composure. In such situations in a corporate environment, most people tend to take impulsive decisions — I do the exact opposite. I take a step back, analyze the situation from every angle, ask the right questions and then finally formulate a fitting solution. Another important aspect I always keep in mind is laying out all the possible outcomes — I want to be prepared for everything. I think about how each solution might play out and then prepare myself and my team accordingly. In a fast-paced corporate environment, it’s crucial to have all your bases covered — and that is how I function.

“I always try to communicate this calmness and focused nature to my team and others around me. It is the only way to come up with a strategic plan to solve a problem sustainably. Looking at it through a blurry vision of panic won’t allow anything productive to come out of it. I have been known to exude this sense of calmness and I think it comes from having been put in stressful professional settings early in my career and then realizing that I can successfully face them.

“When I think about the various roles I have held over the years, I visualize a conveyor belt. All day long the conveyor belt is going around and presenting me with a new set of problems, which I need to solve and then put right back — all ready for the next problem. It is the best way to remain calm, focus on solving the issue at hand, and swiftly move on to the next one.”

Thank you for sharing, Ravila.

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