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Part 3 of a 5 part series

James Rosseau

Leaders often use knowledge, skills, and experiences at a level of unconscious competence to deliver results. During times of uncertainty, high risk, and diminished control, leaders are forced to kick into action. In such moments, combining developed instincts with an intentional approach is crucial to improve the probability of positive outcomes.

James Rosseau, a solutions-oriented, purpose-driven steward, recently authored a playbook for leaders titled Positioning to S.C.O.R.E. in Unpredictable Moments. This guide for leaders consists of five sequential essentials to help managers prepare for certain situations. James is innately a change agent for human potential, and his natural communication skills allow him to empower others to be and do their best. Through this playbook, James has used his own personal and professional experiences to formulate replicable techniques and mechanisms that can be used by other leaders.

In an interview, James explained why he chose to write this playbook, who the target audience is, and what it means to him. After interviewing James about his guidebook for leaders, we were interested in each one of the five underlying steps that he spoke of. To dive deeper into each one, we decided to publish a series of five stories. Here is a sneak peek into the third step in his guidebook.

The ‘O’ in S.C.O.R.E


Objectives can be defined in various different ways. In this context, objectives are the foundational truths that provide the connective tissue for an organization — it is the purpose, vision, and mission. “When a team is filled with a sense of purpose, there is more clarity, more collaboration, and more unity, leading to higher levels of mutual achievement.” We live in a time with many uncertainties and it is during these times when it is easy to lose focus of foundational values.

After completing the first two steps of self-care and community care, we can now start to talk ‘business’. Objectives are not about rewriting the truth; they are about “driving clarity of action from the inside out, leveraging your purpose, vision, and mission.” Include conversations about objectives into normal dialogue. Try asking questions like, “What is the organization’s purpose?” or “What does it look like when that purpose is fulfilled?” Doing this allows people to be refreshed about why they joined the organization and reminded of which organizational values align with their personal values.

Here are some tips for leaders to move forward in periods of uncertainty:

  1. “‘Why, What, and Who,’ are what we hold true to as it is the guidance
  2. ‘Where and how’ are negotiable. This provides room to be creative and innovative in incremental and transformational ways
  3. Be agile. Agree to do so moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, etc, because the reality is that in long-term periods of uncertainty, facts change constantly.”

Read the interview with James below, and stay tuned for part 4 of the series.

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