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2 min readMay 26, 2021
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In many instances a sales process can be frustratingly long, and the key to persevere is to focus on the progress, rather than the end result at all costs. Falling in love with the process of selling and business development, and not with the final outcome, removes the pressure and the negative stress. It also promotes a more positive work environment and day to day attitude.

“Enjoying the process and not the proceeds — or the praise — gives you an edge. This edge is something that can motivate your employees to work for your company like it’s their own. It can further encourage investors to bet on you. More importantly, it keeps you moving and flourishing even when times are tough — and every entrepreneur will have a tough time at some point.” Alyssa Satara on Warren Buffet’s love of the process

Focusing the process, and rewarding ourselves and others on the little steps and small milestones that are getting us a little closer every day to our desired outcome is a powerful way to stay focused on what is important, avoid negative stress and ignite support and engagement from others.

I believe that celebrating these small achievements is a great reminder not only for sales people but for everyone managing important change in their lives.

Anything of quality takes time to come to fruition. Sometimes the end is so far in sight that it can be difficult to keep persisting throughout the journey. By incorporating the mindset of enjoying the process and commemorating all of the steps throughout said process, it is easier to persevere and this positive outlook often leads to an improved outcome.

So, enjoy the ride and every twist and turn it takes you to get to your destination.



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