Social Media Screening - Susan Poeton

For all the griping about social media these days, we just can’t seem to get away from it.

No further proof of that is the fact that you are reading this.

Like any other news platform or business, Industry Today employs social media to get the word out about what we do, what we’ve updated and what we think might be of particular interest to our audience. For advertisers, it’s become the medium of choice to identify, segment and target potential customers. And a way for those potential customers to connect directly with the brands they are most interested in.

In other words, whatever the faults of social media and however those faults may or may not be managed and corrected in the future, social media is here to stay.

What’s also here to stay are social media posts that, in retrospect, might have been better thought out. Or, were not thought out at all.

Which hasn’t stopped people from posting inappropriate pictures, indulging in bad behaviors, or even criminal activities. Or posting remarks that might make potential employers hesitant to hire them.

As Alla Schay, General Manager of the Industrials, Government & Education group of Sterling, a leading provider of background and identity services, points out, “According to a recent Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder, nearly half of employers check up on current employees on social media. Just over one-third have reprimanded or fired an employee based on content found online.”

While social media can be a great tool for HR and recruiting departments, it also presents, like social media itself, potential pitfalls. Schay recommends that companies need to develop a social media screening process that is consistent and well-defined. Automation, artificial intelligence and reliable third-party experts in social media screening can help optimize the process as well as protect companies and prospective employees.

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