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2 min readSep 25, 2021
Ziyad Alarfaj

My interest and love to travel and be a storyteller started when I was young

I think my grandfather had a great influence in my life

He used to drop me and pick me up from school every day

And in each trip he gave me a new story

All his old stories started coming back to me a little bit more

Especially when I started heading toward photography and storytelling

Now, during this period, I tried to return to the same method that I took

Traveling has become a pleasure for me now

Most of the days I travel alone which give me total freedom for stopping, continue, change the route make the trip shorter or longer as needed

At the same time, even though I travel alone, but I am not alone

because I always go from one place to another and I know people there

Those people are the friends that show me around each place I visit

This is the beauty of travel

The only time I might be a lone is the period when I am driving on the road

but in each place, I will be with a person

and this person is special person

The beauty of travel is that you begin to recognize the different natures of humans.

Glory be to God

The nature of the earth has a great influence on the nature of human beings

You start getting to know these little details and then you go deeper and deeper and you start enjoying them.

Now I see people from different perspective

Now I see history from different perspective

I understand a lot about heritage

You may read about heritage, but when you go to the place and talk with the people there and get to know the small details about the place

You begin to complete the picture

My interest is to deliver the picture to all the people by photographing the place and take my time and do not rush

I take photos, I get to know the place, I talk with the people, I walk around

Ziyad Alarfaj
Photographer - Visual Storyteller



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