The Importance of ‘Body’ in Leadership, Business, and Wellbeing — In Conversation with Perrin Quarshie

Our world is increasingly prioritizing self-care. Due to the interconnectedness of all aspects of life, influenced by the importance and widespread use of technology, we’re understanding that our state of being influences the way we behave, communicate, and perform in everyday life as well as at work. Caring for yourself is caring for your contribution to society, home, community, and workplace. Taking care of your body is just one aspect of this.

We’re in conversation with Perrin Quarshie, a Body, Mind, and Soul influencer and purpose-driven change maker who distills complex problems into clear, technology-backed solutions. Perrin is an innovative, people-oriented, and successful entrepreneur.

Perrin, we discussed how you are a believer in the relationship between our Body, Mind and Soul. What are your thoughts on this connection, and what role does ‘Body’ play in your life?

“I’m a huge believer in the relationship between body, mind, and soul. One’s physical, mental, and emotional states of being are connected — if one is weakened, it can aggravate the others; in contrast, if all three of these aspects are cared for, they can build each other up. In discussing my beliefs of the role of the body: I really believe that physical health is holistic, and it touches every aspect of an individual’s life. Being able to move and exercise allows my mind the ability to think and reframe my understanding of issues, people, and circumstances.

“My family’s health background caused me to become aware of the importance of health and maintaining a person’s health at a very young age. I still stay very active in doing that, through crossfit, running, and surfing. At RealBlocks, I’ve worked to create a culture that encourages employees to be active and to maintain their physical health so that they can perform at their highest levels.

What would you say to other leaders, who might be looking at this element, but don’t understand just yet how to incorporate it in their daily lives, both personal and professional?

“This labor market is tight — hiring and retaining quality employees is becoming a struggle for many businesses. Perhaps a byproduct of the movement for self-care, many employees are leaving companies that, they feel, exacerbate the issues in their personal lives, do not place emphasis on their wellbeing, or have a workplace culture that undervalues them. In order to hire talent, retain talent, and improve operations within an organization, leaders should invest in their employees’ wellbeing.

“Leaders must focus on the fact that physical health, mental health, and emotional health are all connected, and a person maintaining their physical health gives them the bandwidth to work on themselves and maintain their mental health and emotional health, so that they can perform at the highest levels. As leaders want to maintain a better culture in this tight labor market, I think they should focus more acutely on the holistic health of their employees and give them the opportunity to improve upon their health so that they can give their very best to the organization every day.”



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