The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace - Tammy Jersey

I recently read an article titled The importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace published by Human Resources Director Magazine. The article highlights the importance of emotional quotient in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”) has been touted as a critical quality in leaders and healthy cultures. Simply defined, EQ is about the way leaders can perceive and use reasoning to impact others’ emotions, can understand what will influence others’ emotions, and can manage their own emotions. Understanding and displaying emotional intelligence in the workplace is important to a company’s ability to stay competitive, inspire employees, and remain relevant to customers.

The article goes on to highlight the 5 components of EQ one should have at work:

You can read the original article here.


Tammy Jersey founded TKJ Leadership, a certified woman-owned business to build high-performance cultures, one leader at a time. Her mission is to encourage leaders to play bigger and with more confidence. Tammy specializes in amplifying women leaders. She dares them to operate outside their comfort zones to get their voices heard, empower their teams, and to be inspiring to others.



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