The Three Faces of a Visionary Leader: A Model for Corporate Success- Lloyd Emerson Johnson

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3 min readFeb 28, 2022
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Companies today face a modern economy of complex technology, emerging markets, international competition, cutting-edge startups, and savvy consumers who want the best for the least. In this uber-competitive environment, visionary leadership determines the winners and losers. A true visionary leader is a gold standard for the ultimate success of an enterprise. Although there are multiple character traits that comprise the visionary leader, we will focus here on the “essential three.”

Reads the future of technology

1. Technology is moving and evolving rapidly, with multiple complex and confusing paths forward. Many, if not most, companies have lost confidence in their ability to choose and employ the most fitting technologies for their needs. A visionary prophetically navigate the world of technology, grasping and seizing the future, while others are frozen in fear. It is critical for the visionary to not simply remain current, but to leap ahead of the status quo. This requires a visionary, macro understanding, of technology in its entirety.

Empowers others

2. No one visionary leader can bring success to an enterprise, initiative or any major undertaking, standing alone. A real visionary assembles a winning, motivated, and passionate team to share, create and execute the wider vision forward. Moreover, the visionary finds and cultivates the talents and strengths of others, often strengths that were not even fully understood by the individual and collective alike.

A visionary is an evangelist who has passionate feelings and beliefs that they are compelled to impart to others if not everyone.

3. A visionary is so passionate about their vision, understanding, and mission, they evangelize their blueprint to all who are needed to see the vision to reality. A vision becomes actuality only when the visionary obtains complete buy-in to the vision from all critical stakeholders. The visionary does this effortlessly, even joyously as their vision is so solid and compelling.

Survival and success in the modern economy require more than experience and hard work. Any serious enterprise needs the guidance of one or more visionary thought leaders. Such a visionary is many things, but above all the visionary needs a near clairvoyant understanding of the evolving world of technology. The visionary needs to assemble and empower others to achieve the mission. To achieve all of this, the visionary needs to evangelize their vision to everyone critical to the vision. These three faces of a visionary leader can not only improve the business industry but the world. Following and leading with this visionary mindset, creativity, and adaptability will follow.



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