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2 min readMar 9, 2022
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It was once believed that moderating emotions was the key to being an effective leader. We all have experienced or heard of, a boss who is stern, overly formal, and emotionless. This old-style of leadership lacks authenticity, vulnerability, and humor. As a result, this limits inspiration, trust, and social connection within the team. I recently read an article published by Harvard Business Review, titled To Inspire Your Team, Share More Of Yourself, by Gia Storms. This article outlines simple steps to help leaders increase their team’s inspiration:

Cultivate your top three stories about failure

We are all human and we all make mistakes. While it is natural to make mistakes, it is not a fun or encouraging feeling. If leaders share their personal failure stories, it “normalizes setbacks and creates intimacy.” As a result, team members will not be afraid to make mistakes and will be more confident in their decisions. How you respond to failure is a strong indicator of your mental toughness — do you shut down after failing or do you use it as a learning opportunity and motivation to do better? Sharing stories of failure and how it made you stronger teaches lessons of resiliency.

Incorporate vulnerability in real time

In your normal dialogue, try to incorporate vulnerability.

Try using phrases such as:

· “My feeling is,”

· “It feels scary to share this,”

· “I hesitated to bring this forward,”

By sharing what’s top of mind for you, it increases positive emotion and builds connection. Vulnerability also helps open up discussion and can encourage teammates to share their personal stories as well. This creates a positive domino effect — when a leader is authentic, it increases inspiration which then causes teammates to feel more connected and as a result, leads to positive business outcomes.

Study inspiring stories from others

Observation is one of the most effective forms of learning. As suggested by the article, try watching different TED Talks or listening to podcasts. Recognize how you feel when you hear inspiring stories and think of how it can lead to positive outcomes for your team. Take note of your favorite techniques that were used and try implementing them in your leadership style.

Overall, if you want people to trust you and follow you, you need to inspire them. Share your personal stories about failure. Be vulnerable. Listen to other people’s inspiring stories. When you follow these steps, you will create a more real and inspiring work environment to generate positive business outcomes.

You can read the original article here.



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