Tips for Raising Succesful Children of Wealth - Susan Schoenfeld

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Growing up in a family of wealth is often filled with challenges. Parenting children in this environment to become competent and confident stewards of wealth presents its own challenges. Experiential learning is so important for children when it comes to financial awareness, education, and preparation. When is a good time to start preparing your children and what are some age-appropriate tools for young children, ‘tweens and teens, how to use an allowance to teach budgeting and wants vs. needs, how much information to share, what rules to set, and what expectations to create… the questions are endless and there isn’t always one right answer. Each situation is unique and often, expert help is required.

Susan Schoenfeld, an expert advisor to families of wealth, was recently featured by Kirby Rosplock Ph.D. in a podcast interview, “Tips for Raising Successful Children of Wealth.” Susan is CEO and founder of Wealth Legacy Advisors LLC, an award-winning thought leader to families of wealth, and a public speaker to the financial services industry who serve them — or want to — on the human issues that keep families of wealth up at night: Legacy, Next Generation, Stewardship, Governance, Leadership Succession, and Philanthropy. Based in NYC, she is a “recovering” attorney and CPA, and “one of the few women on the national speaking circuit who is guiding financial services firms and their clients to connect with the human side of the client relationship.” — Family Wealth Report Awards 2020. Susan’s passion is helping families (and their provider organizations) with the tools to take them to their full potential.

In this podcast interview, Susan shares practical tools, tips, and suggestions for parents on how to jump-start their financial education efforts to best raise their children in an atmosphere of significant family wealth.

You can watch the podcast here.



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