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2 min readDec 15, 2022

Corwin Harper is the Chief Executive Officer at Northshore and Mississippi Gulf Coast Region of Ochsner Health. With over 35 years of experience in healthcare systems from fiduciary and governance to economic development, he always strives to be an empathetic and trustworthy leader by implementing humanity through healthcare. With out-of-the-box approaches, he seeks to connect the bridges between humanity and business by utilizing his network to help empower others in their efforts.

Recently, Corwin was featured in Becker’s Hospital Review podcast where he discussed the importance of transitioning to value-based healthcare.

“Value-based care is here to stay and the patients are making that choice. As healthcare providers, we must be equipped to follow them.”

“That choice is built around a focus on prevention and wellness which is at the forefront of what healthcare is all about.”

“For the population over 65, you’re going to prepare in advance to take care of a population of people who demand a different skill set. The focus is on prevention, wellness, and healing, so we can keep them out of the most expensive parts of the system.”

“You also have to respect the traditional medicare model, where people come in and pay for their service. But there’s going to be a tipping point where we have to learn how to live in one big boat transitioning from one pay model to another.”

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