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2 min readApr 12, 2021
Tyronne Stoudemire — Global DEI Thought Leader — Hyatt Hotels
Tyronne Stoudemire - Global DEI Thought Leader - Hyatt Hotels

Tyronne Stoudemire, member of the Executive Leadership Council and Global Vice President at Hyatt Hotels, takes pride in his commitment and efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in all facets of life. His passion stems from experiencing the pain of being on ‘the other side.’ The other side, meaning, the side of the oppressed, the side of those who have not always been seen as equal.

Many people struggle with the concept of systematic racism. It is difficult to conceptualize for those who have not been affected by it. Tyronne Stoudemire was featured in the ‘What About Me’ documentary discussing racism. Tyronne uses a great analogy to describe systematic racism and its effects:

“This racism has been handed down. Oftentimes I am asked, you know, by my white counterparts and executives that say ‘I don’t understand systematic racism, I don’t think it exists. I’m not a racist.’

“And I explain to them it’s very simple:

“Have you ever played monopoly? And played a monopoly board for 450 rounds? I’ve gone around the board and never collected 200 dollars after 450 times around the world. You’ve collected 200 and as you collected 200 you bought property, you bought railroads, you bought utilities. The moment I collect my first 200 dollars, in the 51st round, when I go around and I get 200, and I land on board walk and because I don’t have enough money to pay you, I go to jail. Then, I roll the dice again and I get out of jail. I land on your railroad and I can’t pay you, I don’t have any money, I then go back to jail. Imagine that for the black community for 450 years. We were put into bondage, we were building and working with no compensation. We weren’t educated, but we’d have the same opportunities, that’s systematic racism.”



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